26 January 2011

We woke up this morning to yet another snowy scene. Looks like we're going to take our day slow and cozy inside with lots and lots of hot chocolate.


(And I'll take all my photos from bed because it's the warmest place to be!)

We're happy with another snow day just as long as the roads clear up in time for us to pick up Groovy from the airport tonight! Yes, we get Ryan's Mom all to ourselves for five whole days!!! Come soon and safely, Groovy!

Happy snowy day, friends!


(The Little Town Boutique giveaway will close at noon today and a winner will be announced shortly thereafter. You still have time to enter!)


Dee @ Start Dreaming said...

Ahhh! You have a Weim! I think I knew this but the pix drew me in. Our Weim is 12 years old now. He is deaf but sweet and has helped in training our newest dog. They have so much energy but I love Weims!

Take care on your hot chocolate day!

Nicole said...

cozy, hot cocoa days are the best!
those snowy pics you took are wonderful! enjoy your company :)

Erin said...

love love love when the trees look like that.. soo pretty!

Lexie Loo & Dylan Too said...

Enjoy your snow day! The pictures are so cozy and peaceful!

Elizabeth said...


Scout is so, so pretty. I've read your other posts about her, and I'm wondering: Is her mischievousness unique to her, or is it a trait of the breed. Because she's beautiful (and even with the mischievousness, sounds like a very sweet tempered dog) and I'd kind of like to have one, but I wonder what I'd be signing up for.

Happy snow day!


Jessi said...

Sounds like a good day there at your house. Love the pictures!
We live south of y'all (Murfreesboro) but didn't get AS much snow this time. We've been out and about buying things and setting up my husbands new office...I'm totally wishing I could have spent this snow day inside though!
Hope the roads are clear for y'all tonight!

Mr. Nordmann said...

For some reason the snow looks prettier there. We had 36 inches in December alone. It doesn't coat the trees, it buries them.

Raechel said...

Scout will be 7 in March. I took her at least 2 years to outgrow her puppy-ness. She's definitely way more laid back now. Weims are very smart and easily trained but they are incredibly high energy - especially when they're young.

I will say that Scout is absolutely incredible with the kids. From the time that Oliver was little he was safe to stir the dog food in her bowl while she ate supper. Last night Hazel climbed all over Scout and I think Scout just enjoyed it. Weims are great dogs for kids as long as they have lots of yard to get their energy out. We're enjoying the chilled-out version of Scout now that she's a bit older.

Oh, and one big drawback: her head is table height. Very few days go by that she does not snatch food from one of us while we're not looking. So much for that "easily trainable" part I mentioned earlier. :)

Hope that helps!

efran said...

This isn't exactly on topic to the post, but I've been meaning to ask you. Where did you get your labels that you use on your home-sewn goods (the one you showed in your Twitter picture and the little "R" tag)? I've been looking around the internet, but haven't found any that I like (or that are within my price... I can't believe how expensive some of them are!).

Raechel said...

efran - printable fabric paper from JoAnn's and fray check! :) It runs about $1/75 mini tags!

Rebecca said...

We love the Scout.

Sarah-Anne said...

striped old fashioned PJ's on little blond boys FTW! so cute, mama!