10 January 2011

We set to work taking down our Christmas tree and decorations yesterday evening, and since Hazel can be less than helpful when it comes to tidily packing away small and fragile baubles, we set her up in her high chair in the living room with a little mound of Cheerios to munch on.

Oliver felt an excessive sense of ownership about her snack.


He would occasionally leave his post guarding Hazel's Cheerios from her to wrap up a favorite ornament or two, but mostly he stood guard at the high chair.


Not his shiningest moment, but he eventually pulled it together, strapped on the Christmas spirit and offered his sister a few of her own Cheerios.


Keep up the sharing, giving and loving, friends! Even if it's just a pile of oaty cereal. :)


Sarah-Anne said...

too cute, raechel!

nic said...

teehee! i adore sibling love. :)

Marcella said...

Love coming to your blog and reading all the bits and pieces you leave for us. I love the way your write. It comes across so effortless and so natural and so fun. Thank you for sharing with complete strangers like me your world. I enjoy it so.

Anonymous said...

i love your blog!! really. love.

random ? what kind of highchair it that?? and do you (and Hazel) like it?

did i say i love you blog already? bc i do. still ;)