12 January 2011

Today Oliver grabbed his bucket of small angry men and asked me to play war with him.

I don't know a whole lot about war, but I do know how much he loves the story of David and Goliath, so I went with that and it was a big hit.


First, we chose sides. He wanted to be silver so I took the black guys. And although it made good fun sense for him to be "Golias", "Davis" is his hero, so he picked a little guy with a mace-type weapon and dubbed him the littlest Israelite. He wanted to be in charge of Davis.


But, we still needed a Golias.

How about Hazel?!


Nothing says giant angry Philistine like a little girl with a lobster belt tied around her head.

But luckily, she was willing to cooperate. Mostly.

And so, the battle ensued.

And what do you know, that Giant came tumbling down! (Which I definitely did not manage to photograph since I was focusing all of my efforts on protecting my sweet little giant from small "pebbles" catapulting at her squishy forehead.)

We all danced around and celebrated the Israelites victory, "The battle is the Lord's! The battle is the Lord's!!"


Then we took a short break because Golias needed to be laid down for her morning nap.


We cleaned up our small angry men and began our work on building a Tower of Babel to Heaven. (Except that every time the tower's structure failed and toppled, Oliver shouted at God for making it fall over. We took a moment to re-tell the story and things went better from there.)


Have a lovely Thursday, friends.
And remember, the battle is the Lord's!


Christine said...

Yeah, I giggled. Especially at the lobster belt.


Tracy said...

I love your Galias.

Jen said...

That's the most adorable take on those great Bible stories I've ever heard! :-)

Meredith said...

I don't comment here too much, but this just makes me smile!

You inspire me so much as a godly mother. This is absolutely precious.

The Morrisons said...

Sweet! Love you guys.