05 June 2011

I took Oliver to the dentist this week and snapped this photo of him while the hygienist was cleaning his teeth. He wanted to wear sunglasses because the light was so bright and he just looked so doggone cute and nervous I thought I'd share it as a Sunday night treat.


He was so excited to bring his 'A' report card home to Dad and to get to work with his new toothbrush.


Hurrah for good oral hygiene!
{and for having sunglasses handy to calm a nervous kiddo!}


karen said...

It's always an adventure at the dentist, isn't it? gotta love those shades!

Grandma~rella said...

I just absolutely LOVE your little Oliver! Seeing him in all the sweet photo's, puts an instant smile on my face. Way to go Oliver, on the awesome report card!! :)

Andrea said...

Very cute! Our pediatric dentist actually has sunglasses for the kids, my boys LOVE it! Love the report card idea:)

Emily said...

Thats a great idea! I'll have to make sure we have some for our next cleaning. Anything to help a very nervous little guy is worth it!