23 June 2011

I kissed my little guy goodbye tonight for five whole days.

We've been planning his trip to Michigan with my Mom, his weekend stay with Ryan's parents and his camping trip on Lake Michigan. We've been making lists and checking them twice. I've been squeezing in all the extra cuddles and puzzles and swims and books and special snacks I possibly can so I can think about them when he's gone.

But somehow, it still manages to sneak up on me.

He's a big boy and he has quite an agenda for his five days away. There will be a few exchanges among Grandparents and some long car rides and I was beginning to get worried that he wouldn't have a good grasp of what to expect or where he would be sleeping each night.

So, yesterday evening he and I were chattering together about the sandcastles and pool parties in his near future and I asked him if he'd like to come upstairs with me for a minute. I have no idea how he knew what I was thinking but as he followed me up the stairs he said, "Oooh! Are you going to draw me a calendar?"

He knows his Mama well.

We sat down at a desk with a bucket of crayons and a piece of printer paper and I outlined the coming days on a 4-year-old level.

This little piece of paper (which has been carried around every room of our house and is currently folded up in his duffle bag) has become his number one possession.
After we drew everything out and talked about what each day means, he took the calendar to his Daddy and told him - with authority - what he was going to do each day and where he was going to sleep each night.

And let me tell you, I'll be keeping a close eye on that calendar as well. Those stick people on the second Wednesday are going to be very happy to be reunited with their little blue stick son.

I'm going to miss him terribly. But, knowing that he understands what he's doing and when makes me feel like a little bit of me is there with him to remind him 'what's next'.

Have fun little guy! You are in excellent hands - with your grandparents and with your Heavenly Father.



Ashley said...

Ohhh you are brave mama. What a sweet calendar... hope Oliver has an awesome time!

Christine said...

I really like Ryan's portrait. He's so sunny and beardy. Which is, coincidentally, how we describe him to friends.


Kristen Lea said...

Maybe next year you will join your little guy on the camping trip...

Jenny said...

such a cute idea! i'm still trying to work up the courage to leave my baby just overnight, let alone 5 days! Good luck!

Anonymous said...

oh my word to cute, and you made me cry :( We are leaving our 3 kids tongite for 24hrs and im so sad and am going to miss them tons. Hope the days fly by and hope your little guy has a blast :)

Sarah said...

This is so sweet, you are a wonderful mother! Oliver and Hazel are very VERY lucky. I hope my little one is as brave as Oliver in a few years.

A.J. Dub. said...

That is such a sweet thing! Love it.

Rebecca said...

What does the sparkly van next Friday mean?

keight dukes said...

OMG! are we the red sparkly car on Friday!?!? How did I miss this!!! So exciting. Oliver should get ready for "other dad" and iPad 2 II. so excited! And Ryan stick face is soooo accurate. Kudosia on the crayonicle skillz