14 June 2011

My sister came over Thursday afternoon with a couple of her kids and she and I had an itch to make something. While Oliver and Beatrice played, Hazel napped and Rowan cooed in the room with us, we set to work on a ManiMina pattern I've been dying to try.

It's actually a reversible ruffled kimono. The pictures I have here are just Hazel's dress - one side is Lovesme Lovesmenot in Petal and the other side is Theory Rain Forest Leaves in Forest. I actually increased the height of the ruffle (made with a Kona Solid White) and though it looks like it might choke my little lady, it actually looks great on her!
The one Rebecca made for Beatrice used Anna Maria Horner's Lovesme Lovesmenot in Grape on one side and Heather Bailey's Lindy Leaf in Tangerine on the other, with an even steeper white ruffled neck. Fab.

And that, friends, is something I made. :)


Kameron said...

That is super cute! I am a fan of all things reversible! I might have to try this one. :)

Ashley said...

They are ADORABLE!!! How special it is to have a sister who gets the itch to do a project with you at the right time. :)

Sarah-Anne said...

beautiful!! make one in my size, please? ;)

Micaela said...

Very cute! You are so talented.