19 June 2011

Oliver and Hazel,

You are two of my favorite people in the world.
I just want to be around you!

You make me laugh. Your joy is contagious.
Your abandon is so freeing.

You have the most kissable foreheads I have ever known.

And when you play, you play hard.


And you play big!


And Oliver, you can so easily get lost in life as a 4-year-old. Playing sword-guitar in your boxers makes you feel like a real rockstar.


And Hazel, you really do know how to dance like nobody's watching. Just flapping your arms to the music - so fast they're just a blur of happiness.


My children, you melt me.
With your funny toothy grins,
your unparalleled passion for balloons,


and your roly poly thighs.


I am reminded by you both to drink deeply from life every day. I am setting aside my distractions, soaking you in, and making these days count with my babies - teaching you about the love of Jesus and turning a toy sword, a balloon and a little music into a precious memory.

Thank you, Jesus for these sweet babies.
I am just so grateful.

(and in case you may ask, the music playing in the background is "Convinced" from the Seeds of Courage album by Seeds Family Worship.)


nault's nook said...

Oh I can't see the video b/c it says it is private! But we LOVE seeds here too :) Oh how children are so good at showing us life!

shanemotb said...

Adorable! I wish I could see the video! There is nothing cuter than kiddos rocking out to worship music. We LOVE some Seeds around here too!

Shane, mommy of twin boys Alex and Sam

Anonymous said...

The look that Hazel gives Oliver when he comes over to the couch in that video is priceless. My daughter was such a surprise to us that it took me many months to be excited about it--all the months up until she was actually born, in fact. And now every day that passes that my little 2 get to interact fills my whole heart with joy. Brother/Sister moments of happiness now make me a weepy puddle of mommy, haha!

Grandma~rella said...

Totally priceless moments, indeed! They really do grow up much too quickly~blink of an eye, it seems. I am n ow on my second set of children~and my goodness, they really are grand!

Amy said...

Too sweet! My girls (and I) enjoyed the sweet video. They also like your rug...:) haha I would love to know the name of the color of paint in your kitchen (yes, I notice these things). heehee Also, I have a question for you: My new bedding is done charcoal gray, plum, and lavender and I have ugly yellow cream walls...eww!! Could you suggest a color(s) to paint my walls to use??? Thx so much for sharing your precious memories with us!!

Raechel said...

Amy - the color in my kitchen is Francesca Black by Martha Stewart for the Home Depot (pretty sure on that).

I would definitely recommend a grey for your bedroom. So calming and neutral without looking like a manilla envelope. Just choose warm or cool grey depending on the other colors in the room and choose the shade/tint of grey based on the available natural light of the room. Hope that helps!

Ashley said...

Love the video... Sooo sweet. Love that we get a good lookie at your livingroom too (stalker)!