06 June 2011

Part of having kids is knowing what they like - knowing what makes each of them tick and knowing what special things brings each of your children joy.

A big part of learning my children is also learning about what to expect from them at their particular ages. What is a fun way to challenge them? What will be too frustrating? What will make them giggle or soothe them when they're sad?

Knowing your kids is an ongoing process and it applies to many things - food tastes, toy picks, favorite books, bedtime routines, discipline and on and on and on.

One unexpected way that Ryan and I have found ourselves getting to know our babes' personalities better is by playing games with them - specifically on Ryan's iPhone (or our iPad). It really should have come as no surprise to us that the kids would like very different things (especially considering their age differences), but it's still fun and funny for us to see what age appropriate things are uninteresting to them and what things really delight them.


I keep this blog for many reasons and it serves many purposes across a multitude of my interests. But the main thing I always want my blog to record is my family and our life. I want to write about my children.

So, I've decided occasionally post about the things that make my babies tick. Just simple lists of things that make my children glad. I kind of hope these lists will be fun for y'all too. It's always nice to find inspiration from other moms to try with our own kids, right?

Today's list is about Hazel and the games that captivate her attention on Ryan's phone. I realize this is a little tech-y, but I assure you that we don't sit our 1-year-old down for any stretch of time with an expensive piece of equipment to play - that's what wooden blocks and baby dolls are for! But, there are definitely times (read: waiting for food at Panera or derailing a meltdown at the store) in which a pocket baby rattle comes in very handy!

Hazel's Picks:
iPhone apps for 1-year-olds
{bonus: they're all FREE!}


1. bab bab by baby toi - it's bright and colorful and the shapes rattle around when you shake it making a pleasing rattling noise. (Honestly, she's been entertained by this one since she's been old enough to hold Ry's phone on her own.)


2.Baby Piano by Dream Cortex - just a colorful little piano that plays music or makes animal sounds. I believe this is her current favorite.


3. Pocket Pond by John Moffett - this makes such a pleasing sound and it's very basic. Just slide your finger around the screen and it's as if you're dipping it in the water. You can make ripples and hear the water disperse and I believe you can add fish and plant life, though we've never bothered with that.


4. Animal Sounds for Baby by Fisher Price - just friendly-looking animals that make sounds and play music. Right up the alley of a 15-month-old baby!


And that's all we've got! I asked on Twitter the other night if any of y'all could recommend games and that's how we found Pocket Pond (y'all suggested some good ones for Oliver too which I'll be posting about soon.)

I'd love to hear if you guys let your babes play with your phones and if so, what games make them glad?

{And of course, I have to share the photographic evidence that even Baby Piano can't please my baby girl sometimes!}


Happy Monday, friends!

I'm looking forward to our week - I have a really great surprise giveaway coming up as well as a fun announcement! See you tomorrow!


Ashley said...

LOVE THIS! My daughter just loves our iPhones and they are definitely helpful in certain times, as you mentioned. There is a memory game in appzilla that she can usually do almost all by herself. It's amazing! And how funny... she was sitting next to me as I was reading this post and she saw the pictures of the apps you mentioned and she said "What's that? I LIKE that!" and touched the computer screen as if it were the phone touch screen. Amazing!

PS LOVE LOVE LOVE Hazel's top. Gorgeous!

shannon said...

Thanks for the app tips! My littlest is 11-months and she just wants to gnaw on my phone. My 2yo likes Talking Tom and Dance Star Mickey. My 6yo loves Touch Cats and Olivia Paints, and my 7yo loves Game of Life, Tap Tap and MyDinos Go.
My tops apps right now are Instagram, HeyTell, and Military Wife Deployment Survival-- HeyTell rocks!
We have an iPod and my iPhone, and I use both in the same situations....when we have to wait, are stuck in the car, or I am trying to deflect a mood or outburst and redirect.
I might follow your lead and do a post, and link to you if that's alright :)

{Thirty} Little Piggies said...

Thanks for the great ideas! My little lady is 17 months and I'm always looking for a fun new app to delight her when we're in a "boring" situation, like the waiting room at the doctor's office.

My boys (ages 5 and 3 1/2) love the Cupcakes! by Maverick Software (and the other similar apps such as More Grillin' and More Salad!). They can "make" food and then even pretend to eat it. They have a blast with the creativity of it all. The Curious George Let's Color app is also a hit over here. Just fun coloring sheets with the familiar Curious George characters.

shannon said...

....oops! Correction-- my son loves Dinos, not MyDinos. I googled and got the wrong name because I was too lazy to get my phone out of my car :) Dinos is a fun, quiz type game. The other is probably not appropriate for children. Sorry :(

Sarah-Anne said...

aw, that picture at the bottom kills me. she is so sweet! :)

Anonymous said...

Since he was super tiny, my 3 1/2 y.o. Has been addicted to something. Bouncer, little people, drawing...last winter it was Plants vs. Zombies on the iPad or iPhone. Not exactly what I would choose, but my husband played it with him, and the whole zombie thing didn't seem to phase him. (Thankfully, he has moved on and is now addicted to cleaning with his dustpan!) Our kids hardly use the devices anymore, but I'll have to check out the ones you shared. Thanks.

Kelly said...

My 4 year old loves to play with my iPhone. Some of her favs are Cut the Rope, Matching Animals (the paid version), Glow Puzzle, LunchBox, Up Fish, Alpha Tracing, GlassTower2, and any of the ABA apps. A friend also told me about one for babies called Baby Silencer (two pink feet).... and it is a LIFESAVER!! I have a 9 month old.... and she LOVES this one!! It's crazy shapes and colors (looks like fireworks) and when you touch the screen, it changes. And it is truly a baby silencer. SHe can be fussing in the restaurant or church, I turn that on and she immediately quietens down!! LOVE it!!

Anonymous said...

We like a balloon game called Float. It's fun for all ages and there is a free version. I think it's available for android and the nook as well.

The Tranthams said...

Thank you so much for posting this! These are so useful for my 14 mo twins!

Sara said...

Signing time has a paid app that is totally worth it just for the music videos alone. The 14 month old I watch LOVES the music videos and they teach sign language so you really can't lose. I can play them at any time when I need to hold her attention and calm her down. I.e. trying to grocery shop.

Her older sisters (5 and almost 4) like watching it too, just not as much as the little one. They prefer Paint'N'Wash which is just a coloring app where you can change colors and essentially fingerpaint on the screen. They're still mesmerized by the fact that they're painting but there's no colors on their fingers! I can't remember if it's paid or free, I've had it for awhile.