13 June 2011

Three things:
1. My sister entered the contest. This is funny because she was with me at the sale when I bought what I did and could have bought them for herself. She just can't pass up a good contest. I love her.
2. I completely forgot to post 2 great things I bought on Saturday. Maybe I'll stick them in next week.
3. It was really fun to hear about all your favorite restaurants. I am now very, very hungry. Okay, maybe not hungry, but snacky! I could sure go for some fresh-made pasta noodles!

Okay, that said, big congrats to Rachel for winning her choice of my Flit and Flitter yard sale finds! Even though I would have chosen Jimmy Fallon, I'll give you Letterman since he was an old fave for many years. Email me to take your pick!



Sarah Robbins said...

Did you know you can get free paint from Glidden right now? I just got yellow paint to make a child size table and chairs, so when you posted about your rattan chair it made me think of my free yellow paint! Let me know if you want me to email you the link!