03 August 2011


You’re not going to believe this. My Mom and I hit a few yard sales on Saturday morning this weekend and would you believe that we found another American Girl Murphy Bed, just like the one I found last week?! Seriously. This time it was only $10! We gladly forked over the cash and added it to our collection of high-end, pint-sized beds which will be there greet Hazel and Beatrice on Christmas morning.

Huge score. Couldn’t believe it.

I picked up a couple of other little things while we were out as well:

$0.50 – huge shiny silver bag for toting things to and from the beach.


$1.00 – two 18M sleepers for Hazel this winter. They’re practically new and I’ll thank myself come October when I don’t have to fork out $15 for warmer jammies at full price.


$1.25 – size 4/5 baby blue maryjane Crocs for Hazel. I don’t know that I’ll have her little growing feet wear these all the time. But, again, they’ll be very handy to get on and off while we travel and at the ocean.

No photo on this one since they're out on the back deck and it's dark outside. You'll have to use your imaginations.

$10.00 – Lovely sand and water table in fab condition. I’d always thought it would be fun to have one of these for the kids but never liked the price tag. This price tag I liked very much!


And, if my second AG Murphy Bed weren’t enough, my Tuck-n-Run find of the day was:

$12.00 – ANOTHER Summer Infant baby monitor! This time with a big fat stationary screen. AND, this time the handheld monitor is full color. The handheld monitor and camera alone are on Amazon right now for $157, and we got a big screen to go with it too. Much joy. Much, much joy.


So, what about y’all? Any good finds this weekend? Are you still braving this heat to hit the sales?

Have a lovely Wednesday!


Gina said...

Awesome finds! We scored a vintage Fisher Price toy this weekend along with some other goodies:


Sdlgillikin said...

I swear you have THE best luck at yard sales! I haven't been in a few years, but I'm certain I wouldn't find a video monitor or a water/sand table for such good prices! You certainly inspire me to go out and look though

keight dukes said...

tearing my clothes in jealously about the video monitor. i.am.so.happy.for.you. those periods are teeth clenches. AG! you are GOOOOOOD!

The Del Angel Family said...

I am SOOOOO jealous about the video montior too!!! aghhg. Unbelievable. We do have the same sand and water table and LOVE it!!!

Tracy said...

what are you doing with the other video monitor? Giving it to Rebecca? (If you were looking to give it away/sell it, I know a couple down in Alabama that could use it. ;))

Kristin said...

You find the best things!!

madeleine said...

I LOVE these posts. Dreading your Winter when your sale trawling stops, I seriously get such a (tragic!) kick out of your bargain hunting. You've inspired me to hit our local sales once the weather warms up (Winter here in Australia). Fab finds! x

Sarah-Anne said...

you are the yard sale queen.
just saying. ;)

Mary said...

Hi Raechel!

I've followed your blog for a while now because your family and your stories always put a smile on my face! (Although some have made me cry!) I hope to someday be a wife and mom myself, if God wills it, so until then I will live vicariously through your blog and other mom blogs :-)

I don't normally comment but I wanted to say 2 things:

1) Be careful where you place the camera monitor...unfortunately there are predators that can pick up the feed. I'm not saying to not use it at all but be careful where you place it (i.e. not where clothes and diaper changing take place). I haven't been in law enforcement for a year, but I can tell you that the distasteful unfortunate individuals who pick up on these feeds are not as far away as you might think. Contrarily, I've heard of several cases where a neighbor was able to pick up on the feed from their child's monitor and report child abuse to the police. I know this is not the case with your family, and I don't want to scare you, but just please be careful!

2) The sand/water table will be the best $10 you've spent in your life!

TimeForLemonade said...

Sand and water table...awesome find! Those monitors look brand new (YAY!)