04 August 2011


9 adults
9 kids 6 and under
2 co-nannies-extraordinairre (and I do mean that!)
1 island
7 bedrooms
8 days
4 beach umbrellas
1 much needed vacation


Enjoying a little getaway time with some of our favorite people and completely losing track of the days!


Lollipops & Pig Tails said...

Wow, how exciting and nice!

Ashley said...

Looks gorgeous... I'm just a twinge jealous!

Sarah-Anne said...

you're making me VERY excited for our beach trip all next week!!

Tracy said...

glad you guys are having fun! <3

Christine said...

Oh, man, and to think I was getting all jazzed about Ludington next week. :) I hope you have a magnificent time, my dear. disme!