29 August 2011

I've only been to one garage sale in the past two weeks.
Shame on me.

And this sale was hosted by my girlfriend who is making a move across town. I was bummed to hear when I arrived at 8:00 that folks had been flooding her sale for three hours already. Unreal! Even for me...

I picked up just a few things, but they were happy finds, so I'll share:

$0.50 - J.Crew green long sleeved shirt - wore it with white shorts later that day and I was a happy girl.
$0.25 - long-sleeved shirt for Oliver for school. Nothing fancy, but he always looks good in blue and brown.


$5.00 - Really pretty (and practically new) turquoise shoes. I am headed to my cousin's wedding in Michigan in a couple of weeks and I'd already bought my dress but no shoes. These will go beautifully. You can imagine Ryan's delight when he understood the alternative of shoe shopping and purchasing. :)


$3.00 - Cool leather purse - Yes, it's a little worn, but I've admired this purse on Katy for a long time and I was thrilled to get to add it into my purse rotation. I love the look of it and the way it fits on my shoulder.


Like I said, nothing fancy. But, I definitely couldn't have beaten $5 for wedding shoes and I like my new bag.

Fall yard sale season will be starting soon and all the neighborhoods will have big group sales again. I'm enjoying taking easy on these blazing hot days and will hit the sales a bit harder in the next couple of weeks.


Sarah-Anne said...

i SHALL become brave enough to wear a long sleeve shirt with shorts...i shall, i shall. ;)

Charlene Austin said...

Are you telling me that people are at garage sales at 5AM?? That is crazy to imagine. The earliest you will see one advertised for here is 9am.

Wow, those shoes and bag are gorgeous! I wish i could find great items like that.

Alyssa said...

I love hearing about your GS finds! I only wish I was so lucky! The only thing I found this week was a yard of vintage fabric that I scored for 25 cents!

Claire said...

Who are those shoes by? They are AMAZING!