18 August 2011

Spray paint,


(you didn't think I'd let Audrey move in without a room redo, did you?)

crape myrtles all a-bloom,


little friends visiting and playing outside,


banana muffins delivered by a girlfriend,

and angry dinosaurs in the water table.
It's a good morning!


keight dukes said...

confesh: i recoiled from the screen a tad when i saw the unfriendly dino coming out of the water to get me.

Molly said...

My own confession... when I saw the spray paint and then the crape myrtles, I thought you had spray painted them!

Tana said...

Confession: I saw the beautiful crape myrtles and then got major heebie jeebies because I think the faint white line is a spider web. (Had a huge spider in my house last night. Not cool.) Then pregnancy got the best of me and now I really want a banana muffin! Yummy!

Ashley said...

confession: dying to know what you're spray painting red! I also freaked a bit at the possible spider web!

Sarah-Anne said...

confession: i love your blog. oh wait...i say that in every comment? my bad. ;)

Anonymous said...

Confession: I have no idea how to do any of these things while raising children! I'd love to hear your tips on how to do it!