15 August 2011

I take a lot of pictures. A lot.

I store them in tidy little folders in my iPhoto and generally edit my favorites in Lightroom or Photoshop. (By the way, I make most of my collages - like this one and this one - in Photoshop, for those of you that have asked.)

Every month I create a folder and title it "at home in [month]". My "At Home in July" folder is where all of my snaps of the kids get filed. Things we do that aren't necessarily big events or outings or things I plan to edit and share on my blog. Usually they are imperfect photographs - the kind that are a little blurry or underexposed or where one person's arm is waving so fast it looks like it's missing all together.

They're my "at home" photos. They're perfectly imperfect. They never get printed or shared and they're generally just for us to keep for us.

Except that last night, Ryan and I were scrolling thorugh the "At Home in July" folder and were just so tickled by our babes and the quirky things they do. I thought it might be fun to share a few of these 'perfectly imperfect' photos here, just for fun.

So, here they are!

Oliver loves to snack on apples, but isn't the best at finishing them or disposing of them properly. One morning, just before Hazel's nap time I found her laying on the rug, enjoying an apple that Oliver had, no doubt, discarded right there in the middle of the living room floor. She was so tired but she wanted to munch on it. She popped he head up for this photo, but it was mostly laid flat on the rug. Love this memory.


These are just a few shots from an afternoon of Oliver testing out the settings on the hose nozzle. He never meant to spray us, but he just kept losing track of where the hose was aimed when he pulled the trigger and by the end of it we were all dripping wet. (The camera didn't stay outside too long for this one since I was afraid it would get sprayed too!) I remember taking the kids inside for a warm bath and popsicles afterward.
This was a morning that everyone woke up too early. They were tired (as were we!) and didn't know what to do with themselves. We let Oliver and Hazel cuddle on the sofa and watch a cartoon in an attempt to let them wake up slowly before breakfast. It worked - eventually cuddling turned into wrestling and what could have been a grumpy morning transitioned sweetly into a happy breakfast.


{Left} Hazel loves my closet. Really, she loves all closets, but she especially loves to go into my closet and pull shirts off the bottom rack, then beg me to put them on her. Here she's feeling amazing because she's wearing my cardigan. It took some real finagling to get her to take it off for her rest time.

{Right} Just a morning in the playroom. I love him standing and her sitting. He looks so much bigger than her and she just looks like such a little gal.
Craisins at the art table. I never let them eat upstairs on the carpet but this was an exception and exceptions always make for giddy kids. They loved enjoying their upstairs snack!


{Left} Another morning in the playroom. I remember seeing this photo when I uploaded it to my computer and thinking how old he looked in it.

{Right} One of the few days in July that we spent time outside that did not involve a pool. Hazel loves being outside more than the three of us combined and would spend her days in her little red swing on the swing set if it were up to her.
My sister made a trip to Colorado to visit a girlfriend last month and we got to keep Bea for one of the afternoons. I love that these two are best friends. And more than that - they act like an old married couple. I could sit and listen to them chatter and pick and plan for hours. They know each other's hot buttons and they know how to get along beautifully. And Bea sure knows how to spot an opportunity for a tender photo and embrace it.


Making spinach lasagna rolls for dinner one night. He loves to cook with me.


This is the tent under our dining room table that I referenced here. We spend all day under that thing and had so much fun - despite the head bonking and raisin spilling. :)


Okay, so it turns out we did lots of things at home in July. (Also, I'm realizing that Hazel spends a lot of time in just her diaper!) And now we're halfway through August and I'm already thinking I may repeat this type of post at the end of the month. What do you think?

Have a lovely Monday, friends! I'm headed off to buy some paint. Walls, beware! I'm coming for you!


Nicole said...

I think this is a great idea! Loved the little peak into your everyday life.

Magda said...

love the idea! And you are brave leaving Hazel in just a diaper. I am too afraid Mia will pull it off at the wrong time, lol!

Cecilia said...

I enjoyed it! I've added the lasagna rolls to my list of things to try as well.

Tracy said...

Isaac spends a lot of time in just a diaper, too. I like seeing their bellies. :)

Anonymous said...

ohhh please keep doing this! love it! my favorite is oliver and hazel watching cartoons on the couch. their relationship is a heartwarming thing to see, and you capture it beautifully in your photos :)

Sarah-Anne said...

so sweet; you are seriously my "mom" role model. you have all these great play ideas & you let your babe run around in diapers. ;) LOVE <3

Merran said...

so cute. love that i could see your toes on the kitchen counter. until i noticed them i was thinking, gosh, i never would have guessed she was that tall!!?? ha!

nic said...

hazel's got it right! wish we could still run about in our nappies. :)

love every last bit of your at-home life. wish we lived closer!

TimeForLemonade said...

Indoor tents are the best! Yours looks like tons of fun :)