04 February 2009

Lots of folks are doing this on their blogs and on Facebook lately and I suppose I have been tagged enough times that I ought just to sit down and see what I can come up with. So, here it is:

25 Random Things About Me
  1. I love ketchup on lots of things, even potato chips. But, I detest the smell of it.
  2. I have a sincere aversion to all things oak: oak furniture, cabinets, even bannisters. Ours was oak when we moved in. I sanded it down and painted it white and it looks worlds better. No oak for me, thanks!
  3. When I was five my Mom walked me downtown Morenci to see Jeanie, our hairdresser. Per my Mom's request, I got a "Dorothy Hamill" haircut. I was so excited about my new 'do that I ran all six blocks home to show my Dad. (I will say that when I searched Google for a "Dorothy Hamill Haircut" I also turned up a picture of Harry Potter.)
  4. I listened to Queen and ate green fruit roll-ups so much when I was a child that to this day, when I hear "We Will Rock You" I can still taste green apple.
  5. Things like memorization, critical thinking and problem solving come very easily to me.
  6. Since late 2005 I have been pregnant for 96 weeks (24 months) and have only given one live birth.
  7. When I was in high school my Dad introduced Rebecca and me to one of his friends as the "smart one" and the "pretty one". For years since (and even to this day sometimes) I have thought of myself as the "stupid one".
  8. I used to think that blogging was a silly, assuming waste of time.
  9. I don't care to drink coffee, tea or soda. I haven't tasted caffeinated soda in 5-10 years and would almost always prefer water.
  10. When I was little, I wanted to be a bagger at Meijer grocery store when I grew up.
  11. I am currently reading my way through the New Testament in 6 months and am a bit behind schedule.
  12. I will never scrapbook. It just does not interest me one bit.
  13. I have five bundles of various sticks in different places in my house in the name of good design.
  14. I love pregnancy and childbirth (especially giving birth myself) more than probably 97% of the world's population. I know, it's sort of weird. It's hard and painful, sure, but there's just nothing like the rush of having just given birth and being so closely involved in new life. It thrills me.
  15. I knew in 6th grade (when I was twelve years old) that I was going to marry Ryan Myers. I wrote it down. I wish I still had it, but for lack of anything else to write on, I wrote it on my mattress. A little funny, but true.
  16. In college I minored in Art despite being terrible at drawing.
  17. I regret not getting to pursue my interests in gymnastics and horseback riding when I was younger. I've especially always wanted to ride horses for fun but have only done it once or twice.
  18. When I was in high school, every time I left the house my Mom's voice would follow me saying, "Be a leader!" or "You're a leader!". I really think that has made a difference in how I see myself and operate today.
  19. My maiden name is Pennington and I really liked it. I miss not having to spell my last name for everyone all the time. I would consider using it as a middle name for a son or daughter someday.
  20. I hate to wear socks and take them off whenever I get the chance.
  21. I have hated red and green bell peppers until this past year. Yesterday I spent $12 on peppers at the grocery because I couldn't think of anything I wanted more.
  22. I love to cook and to have dinner guests. If money weren't an inhibitor, I would cook fancy meals for all my friends all the time. There's something very satisfying to me about following a recipe an having all the right ingredients that feels so orderly. I know if I do everything the recipe says I am sure to have a great result.
  23. I hate cats. I tried so hard in high school to like Ryan's cat (Kitty was his name), but the best I could do was tolerate it and guide it away from me gently when what I wanted to do was cower and bat at it. I am still learning how to be cat-tolerant.
  24. I require at least 8 hours of sleep every day and even with that I am still usually exhausted by mid-day. I could sleep at almost any given moment.
  25. I am blessed to share my life with the two most incredible men (well, man and boy) I have ever known. I am so grateful for God's great blessings in my life.
If you stuck with me and read through my entire list, consider yourself tagged. I'd love to read some of yall's lists!


Christine said...

Ooo, fantastic. I actually was going to do this same post a couple days ago (also because of all the facebook lists), but then got distracted in the middle of it and somehow failed to save it. So now this gives me another excuse to start again!

I had a Dorothy cut, too! And I just need to say that I can attest to your need for sleep. Girl, you can sleep.

This was so fun to read. Thanks for being open.

The Morrisons said...

I don't know that we have ever discovered our common interest in sleep. I would say that I require 9 hours, 8 will do if I can get a major 12 hour night on Friday. Oh, and the best hours for me are 11-12pm to 8-9 am. Hope to see you soon!

4cunninghams said...

I love childbirth as well. There is something so satisfying about it. Sure it's painful and hard work, but the end result is amazing! I'm not as good at the pregnancy part. I'm a grump. If I didn't have to deal with vomit, I'd go back to school to be a Labor and Delivery nurse.

ManicMango said...

My maiden name is Pennington too. I traded it in for a much more difficult name for people to figure out how to spell though...Baalman.