23 February 2009

I'm having to choose today between my "Not Me! Monday" post and writing about and actually implementing the colors for the bonus room.

I've chosen the latter.

We have seriously spent more time weighing the color choice for this room than we did choosing Oliver's name. And the funny thing is, I'll probably paint it again in a year or so - Oliver's stuck with his name! :)

This may give you an idea as to the extent of our deliberations:

So many greens and blues and blue-greens to choose from! Ahh!
Oliver showed us his favorites.
He seriously had so much fun playing with all the color swatches. He made little piles of green, blue, brown, grey, red, etc. He's growing up in a home with designers as parents - it's in his blood to love color!

So, the final decisions. (I write about this imagining in my sweet little head that you have all been on the edge of your seats all weekend awaiting this momentous decision. And so, I'll continue in my little dream world, and I'll introduce the colors with a drum-roll!) The colors we have chosen (and will soon employ) for the bonus room are:

Drum-roll please...

Benjamin Moore Color 553: Richmond Green (main room and back wall of Ry's office)
Benjamin Moore Color 1547: Dragon's Breath (built-ins)
Benjamin Moore Color HC-166: Kendall Charcoal (Ry's office)

As you can see, we chose a more appropriate lamp (I think the black lampshade will be cool, don't you?) and a rug that will bring in some good pattern and another color.

I'm hoping to get the brunt of the painting done this afternoon (pending Oliver's cooperation). We'll have to order this new rug (and return the other two) and shop for accessories and lighting, etc. before the room will be complete. But, if you're interested, I'll post a photo once the paint is on the walls.

What do you think?

Oh, and while I've got you here, I'll share some photos from the last two days:

This is the last we will ever see of this sofa. I still can't believe these guys actually paid us to come and take it away. It needed to go, folks! As they were carrying it down the stairs and out of the house Oliver exclaimed, "Hey! I need that!" It hadn't occurred to us that he might be sad to see it go, so we encouraged him to shout a happy goodbye to the sofa and a cheerful "enjoy the sofa, guys!" to the kids who took it away. I think it helped. If not, the big, empty bonus room is enough fun to distract him from his grief.

Ryan and Oliver are reattaching the door to it's frame once the sofa had been removed from the bonus room.
Yesterday for lunch we made a homemade pizza with Oliver. He had a BLAST "sprinkling the toppings" and sweetly thanked us for helping him make his pizza as we ate it.

One final picture. Ryan took this one of the days I was at the chapel painting the nursery. Oliver fell asleep on the sofa and actually managed to take a nearly 2-hour nap. Congrats, Ry!
Boy, I really know how to jam-pack a post, don't I?


Christine said...

I can't promise this will be the final time...


Fantastic choices. I can't wait for the pictures.

And now you have me wanting pizza.

Anonymous said...

I am so excited for your green! I have to live through you since painting our apartment is frowned upon (something I decided to ignore when decorating Hope's bedroom - shh!!). I am looking forward to the "after" photos! Oh, and Oliver is seriously the cutest little boy ever. I love reading stories of him and seeing updated photos. I think you should relocate to the Bourbonnais area so that he and Hope can be cousin buddies. :) I'm sure there are others who read this blog that might like that too?!? :) -Tara

Christine said...

Oh, yeah, I'm all for a move up here. Although that would mean we wouldn't have a Nashville stop on our visits out east-south, which would be a total bummer.

The Morrisons said...

Love the green! We miss that sweet boy. Micah asked if he could come back today while I was finally putting away the pack n play. We said "of course" as soon as we are well. Maybe we could all get together and make some pizzas-YUM!! (I am impressed with the green pepper topping-and glad you finally came around :)

Jessica Pennington said...

Oliver looks SO LONG in that picture of him on the couch!!! What is he? 3 feet tall?!?!

MELISSA said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the color green you picked and how crisp and trendy your design is! Great choices in everything! Can you come over and redecorate my house? ;)