26 February 2009

Ryan was sharing an ice cream treat with O after lunch today. This is what I overheard:

Oliver: "Please, Mommy! Please, Mommy!"

Ryan: "I'm Daddy."

Oliver: "No," Pause. Then, in a motivational tone, "you are Ryan Myers!"


Last night Oliver and Ryan were grazing in the kitchen before dinner. Ryan had a handful of potato chips and Oliver had some Frosted Mini Wheats on his mind.

Oliver: "More cereal please, Daddy!"

Ryan: "Hm... how about some Cheerios?"

Oliver: "Hm... how about some chips?!"

Evidently Oliver is going to be quite the negotiator!


Christine said...

I'm so glad O cleared up the question surrounding Ry's identity. Whew. We can all return to our normal patterns.