08 February 2009

The bidding has been closed and the goods have been distributed. Talk about covenant community gathering for a common cause, folks, this was quite a day! And, while we expected to be pleased with the results, we had absolutely NO IDEA what God had in store.

We sold all 200 tickets to the lunch and our only expenses were the meal and the location rental. Everything else was to be profit.

You can imagine our elation, then, when it came time for the Faires' to write the check to pay for the meal: our friends, the Mathenys (Providence Farms), refused to accept it. WHAT?! This was completely unexpected and so, so generous. You have no idea. (Okay, well if you've ever hosted a wedding reception maybe you do, but you get my drift.)

Not only that, but someone else secretly covered the cost of the location rental before we even had the chance to find out how much it cost!

With absolutely no expenses, every penny collected today can go directly to adopting these babies. Unreal.

When it was all said and done, the lunch and silent auction raised a booming $5,000! And, to make it even better, Caleb and Rebecca were recently awarded a matching grant for up to $4,000.

This means, with the matching grant, that the Faires family is $9,000 closer to bringing their sweet babies home. Praise Jesus!

Thank you all for your prayers, donations of auction items, and participation in the auction. And, again, thanks to the Mathenys for their completely unexpected and generous gift! I think we can definitely call today a HUGE success!

(Oh, and if today weren't fantastic already, you may as well know that I won one of the "Bumble & Bumble + Haircut at Dion's" packages! Woot!)


Tracy said...

yay! I'm so glad that it went well. Praise God!

Christine said...

Wow!! Stephen and I are dancing (figuratively) with excitement!!

What's a bumble?

Raechel said...

"Bumble & Bumble" is a brand of hair products that I would never be able to justify buying for myself. I won a package that included "B&B" shampoo and conditioner, as well as a haircut with the top hair folks in Nashville. (Hair folks?)

Hopefully I can get in this week - who knows what kind of a hairdo they'll come up with for me! :)