26 February 2009

"My Departure" has just suggested on my Design Project for Us All post that I give the 2009 Pantone color of the year a try.

"My Departure", I don't know who you are, but I love folks who like to talk Pantone. Please, reveal yourself!

And, since you asked, here is what the room would look like in "Mimosa" (and please bear in mind that Blogger tends to make my lovely, accurate, Photoshop colors a tad dark):

I have to say that I'm so reassured to see that the rug we have chosen is such a good, current color.

Here are a few other things in Pantone's Mimosa:
Happy color, friends!


uberRyan said...

I'll take one of each of the Mimosa accessories, please!

Susan said...

I love the round rug! They're both pretty nice.

Katy said...

i have a chair that matches the yellow/white rug exactly.. love that color.