09 February 2009

Yes, it's another one of "those" posts. The kind of post I am often inclined to do when I unload a ton of pictures from my camera at once. We can call it our week in review. We can call it a bunch of photos of Oliver. Whatever you like, here it is. Please enjoy!

On Tuesday night Ryan and I took Oliver out to Target to pick out some new crayons and a coloring book - just for a fun treat. While we were there, though, we came across a watercolor book that has the paint on it and all you have to do is run a wet paintbrush across it to make it color. It was $.44, so we decided to pick that up as well and it turned out to be a big hit for Wednesday morning. A wet paintbrush with a paint book is a good project for a two-year-old. (I'll note here that Scout has since eaten all of the new crayons - all but the brown one).

After a while, we decided to introduce Oliver to the finger paints we'd bought for him for Christmas and then tucked away. He used the paintbrush and had a nice time. I'm not sure the upholstered bench will ever be the same, but I guess that's my fault for not thinking.

Later that afternoon we returned to the good times. More paint pages and more mess. You'll notice two things in this photo if you pay close attention:
1. We still have my Mom's "12 Days of Christmas" plates in the plate rack from Christmas.
2. Oliver still hasn't declared a favorite hand. He continues to use his left and right hands interchangeably.
As some of you know (on account of my emotional instability), I spent most of Thursday in bed. Oliver hung out with me there for a part of the afternoon and we found ourselves having a great time watching William Wegman short films on You Tube like this one:

I got up to refill my water glass and turned around to see my little boy looking very funny and important. So, I snapped this photo.
My dear, sweet sister kept Oliver at her house quite a lot this week. She had him overnigh Wednesday and Thursday. Mid morning on Friday I heard the doorbell ring and when I opened the front door, this was all I saw:
I kept both Oliver and Beatrice for the rest of the afternoon while Rebecca taught her class, and since they'd spent a good portion of the last three days together, they were learning to get along swimmingly.

Some of you may know my cute friend Tracy (she's a friend from high school, and she and her kids came up for a visit in July) She donated one of her awesome handmade tutus for the Faires' auction yesterday. (She usually sells them for $35, but the winning bid at the auction was $50! Thanks again, Tracy!). Anyway, when the tutu came in the mail I was so delighted and couldn't wait to see it on a little person. I'm sure Oliver's Granddad will kill me for this, but he had a great time being my model! ;)

Later on, Beatrice got a chance to be a much better tutu model. (If any of y'all want Tracy to make a tutu for you, I'll be glad to give you her info!)
Here's one of the few good photos I got of the dinner on Sunday. There's no one in the picture but Ryan and Oliver, but I just think Oliver's little feet are so cute and summery that I have to share.
Sunday night we played outside until the sun set. It was such a lovely evening and it gave us a little peek into what summer with a two-year-old will be like. Fun!
And, to close, my absolute FAVORITE picture of the week:


Susan said...

Those sky blue eyes and rosey lips could brighten any day!

Christine said...

For the record, I love picture posts. And tutus. (J & B like to wear their aunt's high heels, so no harm done.)

Tracy said...

Oliver is a stunning tutu model. :)

I love that last picture as well!

GRANDDAD!! said...

YIKES!!!! At least replace the tutu with a kilt, bagpipes and a knife!!

The Morrisons said...

Love all these photos and that sweet boy. I can attest that summer with a two year old is so much fun. I hope our boys can collect some dirt together soon! E-mail or call if you and Oliver would like some company this week!

mrs boo radley said...

Sweet tutu! Incredible eyes!