19 February 2009

I'm so excited about all the good feedback we're getting from you all. It sounds like green is the popular choice right now. (I'm glad!)

We've gone on to the next step of ordering the big 8"x8" paint chips in the top three color families to get a good tone. They should be here this weekend or early next week, so a commitment is in the very near future. (I'm so excited - I love painting!)

Also, we've gotten word that our sofa is ready and we should be getting a call next week to schedule delivery. I sort of wish we could get the painting done before it arrives, but it may not happen in that order.


In other news, Oliver pushed Beatrice down the stairs tonight. From the top step to the bottom step. We didn't see it happen but only heard it. When we ran to the scene Oliver promptly reported, "I push Bea down stairs." It looks like we have some explaining to do. [Ryan reminded me to report here that Beatrice weathered the fall just fine and was only a little shaken up. Praise Jesus.]

Also, while he was at Rebecca's house today he asked for "peanut butler". We're not sure what that is, but we're thinking it goes well with jelly.


That's all for tonight, folks. I may go make a peanut butler sandwich before I turn in!


Tracy said...

yay for green! and for Butler sandwiches!

I'm glad Bea was okay after her tumble. Both of my kids have had a few falls.

Christine said...

I second everything that Tracy just said. And I also love peanut butler.

Susan said...

Oy! My nephew went through a pushing-his-little-cousin (my daughter, at about 15 months)-down-the-stairs phase, too. It happened twice. He, too, would proudly announce "I push Lucie!" after doing so, and *so* didn't "get it." She's just fine--no physical injuries or weird stair phobias now at two.

I like the green. (Of course, I'm writing this from my very green bed in my very green bedroom right now.)