16 February 2009

I know this happened six days (and 650 hits) ago, but I'm just now picking myself up by my bootstraps and rejoining civilization. So, without any further delay, I'd like to extend a warm CONGRATULATIONS to

She was the 10,000th hit on my blog
and sent me this photo to prove it:

Christine actually confessed this morning in her "Not Me! Monday" post that she spent 20 precious, child-free minutes waiting patiently for the moment of glory. So glad to know that I have such hard core fans! Or, since Christine wins nearly all of my contests, one really hardcore fan. Thanks, Stine!

And, your prize? How about I send you that 1-year subscription to Martha Stewart Living that I've been promising for the last couple of weeks? :)


Christine said...


I'm sorry, that just jumps out at me.

And hurrah for Martha Stewart! I'm just so thrilled. I did it simply for the fame, not for any prize. What a wonderful bonus. :)