09 February 2009

Good morning, all! I know most people might not share my sentiment, but I'm just so doggone glad its Monday! We had such a busy and exhausting weekend, I'm ready for a week where things can get back to normal just a bit.

Another great thing about Mondays it that they allow you to start your week with a clean slate. But, before I can feel like I'm getting a totally fresh start for my week, I have a few things I need to get off my chest from last week. Good thing it's my week for "Not Me! Monday" (I alternate weeks with Christine, and she and I got the idea from Mck Mama).

Let's get this party started. (Oh, and I'm going to attempt do this using bullet points this time like Christine does, just to see if it makes it more readable.)
  • To begin, I did not wake up this morning before the boys and tiptoe upstairs so that I could get started on my Not Me! Monday post before anyone needed me. This was not the first thing I thought of when I woke up this morning.
  • As I reached the top step I did not hear Oliver running toward his door, apparently having heard me tiptoeing up the stairs. The first words I was greeted with on my Monday morning were certainly not, "Poopy diaper change, Mommy!" and immediately followed by, "Hungry! Waffles and yogurt, Mommy! Blueberries!" So much for getting an early start.
  • On a housekeeping note, I'd like to clarify that I would never take shortcuts out of sheer laziness that would compromise my family's health. Not Me! In that vain, I'd like to make it clear that never once this week did I fill Scout's water bowl from the refrigerator door dispenser instead of the sink because it is closer. That would be disgusting - I would never touch Scout's dirty dog dish where people put their drinking glasses. Not Me!
  • I would also never do anything for the sheer purpose of jangling my husband. Like when I buy ketchup, I would never buy the bottle that said, "Hooked on Gorton's Fish Sticks" just because I know that would gross Ryan out. That would be childish.
  • I know that you all already know that I have it completely together, and that my being pregnant (and filled with all kinds of natural and artificial pregnancy hormones) would not affect my complete togetherness one bit. That said, I did not find myself overwhelmed with emotion when Jon & Kate (plus 8!) moved out of their old house and into a new one on a recent episode this week. Though everyone else (including Kate, believe it or not) was handling the move just swimmingly, I did not tear up at the thought of this kids leaving their house in the morning, and coming home to it all packed up, never to be the same. I do not get emotionally involved in television shows like that!
  • As I drove home from running some errands last week, I did not completely drive past my house before I realized that I was home. If I had, I would not have cooly backed down the street and into my driveway as if it was exactly what I had planned to do all along.
Alright, I think my conscience is clear and I can begin my week properly. I'm glad you all know all the things that I did not do this week.

Look out, Monday, here I come!


Anonymous said...

I totally agree with you; I LOVE Mondays! I didn't get all teary about Jon and Kate's move either. ;)

Bethany said...

LOL! Very funny list. I agree with the stupid hormones thing. I couldn't even watch TV when I was pregnant. I was either crying or my heart was racing so hard the baby would kick like crazy!

Christine said...

Tee hee! I'm so glad you jangle your husband, too. Whew! I'm not the only one.

And I am never drinking from your refrigerator dispenser. Just so you know.

Have fun with your hormones!