16 February 2009

I just wanted to take a second to thank you all for being so supportive and encouraging these past two weeks. Y'all have come at me from every angle with emails and comments and flowers and notes and unbelievably awesome meals. Can I share some photos of the flowers?

My friend Wendy drove all the way up from Spring Hill (30 minutes?) with her 5 small children (and in her third trimester with another!) to bring us dinner one night and these gorgeous potted tulips.

My friend Katy and her daughter Millie brought us ravioli that is to die for and these beautiful hydrangeas.
Ginny and her husband Matt kept Oliver for two days while I was in bed and not able to take care of him. Oliver LOVES to spend time with their kids Micah and Owen. We even got to eat spaghetti at their house Thursday night when we went to get O and take him home.

My (newly) pregnant friend Katie called me every night last week on her way home from teaching second grade to see how I was doing.

Oh, and Maryanne drove from Nashville to bring us some of the best homemade chicken noodle soup I've ever tasted!

Between the food, flowers, emails and kind comments, I have just felt so loved and encouraged and I want to tell you that I'm grateful for all of your friendships - even those of you I've never met. I thank God for all the ways he sends comfort - even if it's in the shape of ravioli!