30 April 2011

Today was the big day! Two of my favorite neighborhood yard sales, gorgeous weather and my cute Mama to join me: it really was the perfect storm.

You really never know what you're going to find on any given garage sale day - some days it's tons of super nice clothes and other days it's all about home decor. Today, randomly enough started out with diapers. There were a lot of passable yard sales today, maybe in part because there were so many people out shopping that the good stuff was being grabbed up so quickly. But, there were definitely some winners in there too.

I live for the winners!

Here's my haul:

$13 - 2 packs of diapers - $30+ worth of diapers, completely sealed and unopened - don't worry. I hadn't planned on buying diapers today, but the price and size were right. The lady had just stocked up on diapers and her son grew out of them before she could use them all. Score for me! Much to Ryan's chagrin the big pack is the jeans kind. I remember seeing ads for these and thinking it was an SNL digital short. Ah well, she can wear them at home. They're pretty denim-ish-looking too. I'll have to take a picture of Hazel wearing a pair (yes, I just called them a "pair").


$1.00 - two black picture frames - to add to my ever-growing stairway wall gallery

$0.50 - 1 yard pink & white striped upholstery fabric - I'll add it to my stash. Thinking it has a future in the service of our resident lady love.


$1.00 - Girls clothes - speaking of our resident Lady Love, I got her a couple of pairs of Old Navy summer shorts and a fall shirt for a dollar. A lady at another sale threw in the Ralph Lauren dress for free with some jammies for Oliver.


$3.00 - 3 sets of Gap winter jammies - for Oliver next winter. They were in great shape, so even though we won't use them for many moons, they were definitely worth a dollar a pair (plus the pink dress for Hazel above!)


$0.50 - cute pair of red French shoes for Hazel - if I keep buying a pair of shoes/week for Hazel, I'm going to be in big trouble by the end of the summer!


$15 - New bike for Oliver!!!!! - I was just reading in Oliver's preschool newsletter that Bike Day is next week at school. I was relieved to find this one - complete with training wheels - this morning. He was thrilled and has already received a few bike lessons from his Daddy.

$0.50 - a helmet to go with the bike - as modeled by Hazel. It's in great shape!

{Also, a little guessing game - see that big cardboard box in the left side of the photo? A hint: it was delivered yesterday, it's staying outside until we're ready to open it, and it's taller than Oliver. Guesses?}


Free - "Stuart Little" - We stopped by our friends the Shurdens' house today and they wouldn't let me pay for this great little hardback copy of Stuart Little. I almost didn't count it in today's list since it was more of a gift than a find, but it's just so pretty I decided to stick it in.

$1.00 - Brown Steve Madden shoes - for Ryan. Perfect fit, in great shape. And best of all, he loves them!

{There's a little guy sticking his head out of the shoe because he can't wait for you to see what my tuck-n-run find was this week!}


Hazel can't wait either.


And neither can this orange-headed lady!


Okay, here it is - my Tuck-and-Run find of the week:

$5.00 - Plan Toys doll house with furniture and people - for Hazel. Her first dollhouse! Currently retailing on Amazon for $104 without accessories, this was definitely my find of the day. The balcony and some of the furniture need a little wood glue because of their pre-loved condition, but that's no problem.


Hazel was even more thrilled than I anticipated!



Although, she does tend to play with things just like her brother does - less with them and more on them. :)

Fortunately, it's super sturdy. I'm thinking this doll house/lounge chair will be with us for a long time!


What did y'all find this week? Anything great?


Sarah Robbins said...

Oh my that dollhouse is an awesome find! I almost bought one at a consignment sale for $40 and thought that was a great price.

I didn't get out today and now I am so sad. . . :) Glad you found such awesome treasures.

Becky said...

Nice!:) I'm guessing the box is a trampoline!?;)

Carey Dunlop said...

My DH has had those same shoes for almost 4 years and loves them! They have held up amazingly well too. Good find!

Erin said...

girl you rock.. always finding amazing things. Love those steve madden shoes for Ryan and that doll house we have one similar.. what a great great find!

keight dukes said...

Rae-face, that romper. I die! I'm going with more VIKA in the box because you're such a VIKA-lush. For real though...bunk beds? Something for inside bc you said it's staying outside "until." I didn't even notice your switch to a "pair" of a diaper! So funny, it just made since once they became denim in my mind. Great job! No breakup for this one. Though the doll house is a close call.

Debra Joy @ jubilee life said...

My find for today: pink Keens for my daughter for $5. I've been looking and looking but can't find them used for less than $20 (they're $50 new!). So excited for her to go puddle_splashing in them!

Kristin said...

you scored once again!!

Ginny said...

I scored today. I spent a total of $5.00. Eleven pieces of little boy clothing all in name brands. Baby Gap, Childrens Place and Chaps for $3.00. But, my huge find is a Spiderman 16" bike for $2.00. The gentleman sold it to me for $2.00 because it needs a new innertube in one of the tires. Already bought that for $4.00. I think I scored.

Melanie {kevinandmel.com} said...

definitely some deals--

I shared mine here:

domesticjoys said...

Oh today was such a great day of garage sales!!! You can check out the steals here : http://joyfullydomestic.blogspot.com/2011/04/steals-of-day.html

Love that you post your findings! You always, get such great deals! Do tell, do you ever buy stuff that doesn't make the post?


Lisa said...

I had a garage sale today to support my fundraising efforts for Susan G. Komen. It was successful, $400! It makes me wonder what people consider their tuck'n'run from my sales :-)

Anonymous said...

My tuck 'n' run was an amazing bookshelf for FIVE BUCKS! I was so, so excited.

Jessica said...

Did you make Hazel's romper? Adorable! Teach us how?!

Or Rubin said...

amazing kids

Nueyer said...

Oh my goodness!! Love that doll house!!

Sarah O said...

You rock at finding good deals! My garage sale adventures went like this: Find great sounding neighborhood sale on Craigslist. Remove two seats from van. Load up stroller, two boys, snacks, drinks, and hats into the van. Drive to advertised wonderful sale. Find that instead of "65 homes, many of which are participating" as the ad said, only 4 were participating. Blah.
That dollhouse was a great deal! We have been slowly collecting furniture for my daughters at each birthday and Christmas. Most recently we added the basement so she now has enough room to set up the way she likes to. It's a great little house!

House of Collinsworth said...

I got some clothes and shoes for my almost 5-year old son and a Thomas tube thing he can crawl through, but the find of the day was a pro-line music stand for my hubby (he's a worship leader). $40 on Amazon...I got it for $3. :o)

amanda said...

Spent $50, but got everything I was looking for at one stop! 3 black bookshelves (one tall, two short), ice skates for one of our girls, and a brand new carseat for our newly one year old baby! yay! Your finds were fantastic!

Anonymous said...

I had to chuckle- when I made my purchase on Saturday, my first thought was--- "Tuck & Run" worthy!

I got 4 pairs of shoes for $2.00- including a brand new pair of Ann Taylor Loft wedges that I will wear to my husband's graduation ceremony & celebration. So excited!!!