13 April 2011

Yes, it looks like my blog is under construction, but it's not really. Remember when I told y'all about having your photos hosted so that you can have great big photos on your blog? Well, my host is currently down for the count (a rather long count, actually - especially in internet years) and hoping to be back up soon.

I'll be back up and running as soon as they are. And, I'm sure that whatever inconvenience this is causing me - and however eager I am to get the show on the road - they are a million times more inconvenienced and a million times more eager to get things live again.

An excellent opportunity to extend grace and to exercise patience! :)

I've got some great photos from yesterday of the kids that will be worth your wait, let me tell you. ;)

Love and kiddie pools,


keight dukes said...

good thing you already locked down #900, because this bush league stuff would NOT be attracting anyone new. ha. jokes. i hope they find your feet soon!

Sarah-Anne said...

ha, photobucket seriously needs to get it together!! glad you're seeing in a different (ahem, Christian) viewpoint... ;)

Sarah Robbins said...

Yep, that's no fun! Hope we are all back up and running soon. Such is life!