15 April 2011

Mommy tip of the week:

If you need to entertain your 1-year-old,


give her tummy something yummy,
and make her feel awesome and big all at once:
give her a little box of raisins and permission to go nuts.


She's sure to thank you by cleaning up after herself and not squawking in frustration if she can't get the little raisins out of the box herself. Definitely that.

Two notes:
1. Adorable headband can be found here.
2. Don't leave babies - however cute and seemingly trustworthy - alone with small snacks. They need their Mommies to look out for them, even if they think they're ten feet tall!


Have a great weekend, friends!


Kwilt Noob said...

Ohhhhh that's gonna be some diaper later on! :)

rachel said...

love, love, love her jeans! so cute!!

MK said...

So cute! She looks more and more like Oliver every day.

nic said...


and this has me wondering: how do you manage to narrow down which photos to print into wall art? this series of 'hazel and a box of raisins' would be perfect decor...right next to the five thousand other photographs of lovely you share here. i think you need more walls!

Sarah-Anne said...

i second rachel's comment: that last picture i did a double take on!

Peggi said...

Here is a thought on safety with raisins. (Never knew you needed to think of that one did you?) When my son was about Hazel's age he loved raisins. They were about the only thing he would eat. He ended up with the throw ups one evening after having had raisins earlier that day. When he started throwing up he started choking. Scared me to death, it was horrible. When he ate the raisins they were little normal sized raisins. When he threw them up they were huge grapes(not regular small grapes HUGE!). They had re-hydrated in his belly. I never even thought of them being a choking hazard. After that I would cut them up before he ate them. Never wanted to repeat that episode, I thought he was going to choke to death, literally.