26 April 2011

Alright, so I knew not to expect much from Easter weekend garage sales, but since we had eager-to-hit-the-sales family in town, I figured we'd give it a whirl.

At least this week the weather was warm (70+ degrees when I got up at 6:45) and it wasn't raining!

I only bought four things but I had a blast tromping around Franklin with my Aunt & Uncle and cousin, so it was well worth the trip. Here's the run-down of my haul:

$0.50 - purple Crocs for Haze - they're size 6/7, so it will be a while still, but they were in fantastic shape, so I was glad to spend fifty cents now in favor of not spending $20-$30 later when I wanted them.


$5.00 - 2 white, rectangular lamp shades - for my bedroom. I love me some right angles!


Free - unopened box of sidewalk chalk from Target. The lady with the lamp shades threw it in with my $5.00 purchase. Guess what Oliver and Hazel got in their Easter basket! :)


$1.00 - pair of Banana Republic jeans - they'll never fit me, but the denim was so soft and they were 'wide leg', so I couldn't resist picking them up in the name of fabric. I've been looking for some good fabric to make these pants for Hazel and you just can't beat $1 for a yard's worth of good denim!


No tuck-and-run item this week. You can't force it. And, it's going to be pretty tough to beat $2 for a video monitor set (which we are LOVING!).

The good news is that next weekend is my subdivision's neighborhood-wide sale (yay!) and another one of my favorite neighborhoods for yard sales is having a big sale too. It's going to be good, y'all! I can just feel it!

What about you? Any great finds this weekend?


Beth McC. said...

I love a yard sale! You dont have to share where you live but where is the other neighborhood sale?? I am a fellow Nashville Yard Sale lover!!

Chelsa said...

lovin' the purple crocs!
and super duper lovin' those lamp shades! i'm looking for something similiar for our new bedroom!

Mackenzie said...

Hey, can you fill me in on which two sales are next weekend? I promise we won't come to your subdivision and run you over. I live in downtown Franklin and am totally new to the yardsale thing but want to get in on it because we are entering baby season in our little family and it looks like there are some amazing deals to be had on baby items! If you don't want to post on here, could you shoot me an email at mackenzie.l.leonard@vanderbilt.edu and fill me in on the sales for next weekend? Thanks SO much!

Ashley said...

Awesome! I need to do some research and scope out where I can hit up some great sales like you do. I'd hit up your area, but coming from Boston is a little far for a Saturday morning drive. :) Those crocs! I just got the same pair (same size) but in pink for my girl the other day, and thought I got SUCH a great deal at $18 with a sale and my coupon!

Sarah-Anne said...

i wanna go with ya next Sat. ;) great deals, raechel!

Tracy said...

If we didn't have soccer games, I'd be driving up to hit your neighborhood. ;)

Melissa Vines said...

I can't wait for Westhaven's yard sale this Saturday! I never have it together in time to make it to sales but this one I'm not going to miss!

Andrea said...

You always find such great stuff....wish I lived closer to go garage sales with you!

domesticjoys said...

So this is a little late, but I have been hitting up some great garage sales and tomorrow is the big day here too!! Whooo Hoooo!

Here is last week's treasures: