29 April 2011

Life can change in an instant.

Yesterday I spent the day at my house with my sister and babes. The bigger kids played outside, the younger ones napped, and our littlest nugget didn't stray too far from his Mama's arms. We chatted about life and (strangely) how death changes everything.

Sort of a dark topic, yes. But it really wasn't intended to be dark. We were just speaking hypothetically - out of the air. We surmised that a family minus one member can never be the same - not completely.

Then 5 o'clock rolled around and it was time for her to go home. We said our "goodbyes" and our "see you tomorrow's" and that was that.

This morning Ryan and I woke up to missed calls on both of our cell phones and our email inboxes full of messages from Rebecca and Caleb, updating us on news we had not yet heard. (WHY don't we make a point to sleep with our cell phones nearby??)

In the night last night baby Rowan (newly 6 weeks old) spiked a 102 fever and Rebecca and Caleb were instructed by his pediatrician to take him directly to Vanderbilt Children's Hospital immediately. (Folks don't mess around with newborns and fevers - NOT a joke!)

Rowan was greeted at the hospital with a lumbar puncture, several blood draws and too many failed attempts at an IV start for his Mama's liking. It was an alarming, harried couple of hours in the emergency room before they got Rowan admitted and then set to work waiting on the results of all of his tests.


As soon as we got the news we made plans for me to join my sister at the Children's hospital while they waited for results and while Caleb came home to care for the other three children.


And while the night was scary and the morning news was jarring (I'd just planned to wake up to see what Kate Middleton would wear for her wedding day), things are much more stable and relaxed now. While Rowan still has a fever on and off, and he will be kept at the hospital until Sunday for observation, his doctor is rather confident that this little body is just battling a virus and that the antibiotics he is receiving will serve him well and get him back on his feet (er, back?) sooner than later.


Now we just get to wait. And snuggle. And admire that fine upper lip of his.


And praise our Jesus and remember that life can change in an instant.


That life is fragile. And wonderful. And full of surprises.


Thanks to all of you for your concern today and prayers on behalf of our littlest nugget. Now, off to bed for a good night's sleep before a big morning of garage sale-ing with my Mama!

{Rowan's handsome hospital gown made with love by the fine young ladies in my Art of Homemaking class. We made several as a sewing project last month to donate to the Children's Hospital so the babies there could have something more lovely to wear and who knew our own babe would be the first recipient!}


Christine said...

Having a baby that small in the hopsital is such a harrowing experience, no matter the circumstances. Rebecca and Caleb and Rowan are in our prayers. Thanks for the update.

Robbin said...

Having a 5 week old myself, I can't imagine what your sister is going through. Rowan and your family will be in my thoughts. I'll be hoping for a speedy and full recovery for the little guy.

Regina said...

Sweet little baby. Little ones should never have to be in the hospital. Praying for him and sending strength prayers to his parents. I am a complete mess when my little ones are in pain.

Micaela said...

How scary. I hope the doctor is right and everything turns out perfectly. What a gorgeous little guy, he's making me want a newborn - I need to stop that, since I have a four month old.

(and I would appreciate a post about what you teach in your art of homemaking class!)

Taylor said...

Oh, praise Jesus!