02 April 2011

The Myers family is currently mid-way through one of our busiest weekends ever. We have been planning a few big things for several months now, and we somehow managed to land them all into one delightfully exhausting, jam-packed weekend.

Ryan's business will be expanding this Spring and we have made the decision to take a giant leap to accommodate it's growth. This is a huge step for us in that we won't have Ryan at home all day every day like we've been used to for the past three years, but his new office space is only a couple of miles away in our city's historic downtown area, so I'm sure there will be lots of walks to meet Daddy for lunch and such to make the transition easier.

And the fun part is that this is move-in weekend!


We've also been putting off the installation of new carpet in our home for far too long and when we finally pulled the trigger this past week our very sweet sales lady told me they had an opening in their schedule to install our carpet on Friday. I jumped at the chance, thinking, "Yay! the sooner the better!" instead of thinking "Well, we have a lot going on already this weekend, how about sometime next week?"

No, that would be just far too sensible, wouldn't it?

Throw in some out-of-town family visiting at my Mama's house (definitely want to make time to see them!, the whole MckCrew visiting for Sunday dinner, AND the immediate need to purchase a new car for Ryan (we've managed to be a one-car family for the past three years since he has been working from home!) and you can imagine that things are just a little nutsy around here.

Fortunately, we've been able to take it in stride so far. We spent Thursday afternoon getting boxes and furniture moved into the new office space, and Thursday evening moving all our furniture and such into the few rooms of the house that will not be carpeted. (We just couldn't justify paying the installers and extra $200 to move the furniture for us on installation day.)


(Not a lot of sewing going on this weekend, as you can see.)

Yesterday afternoon, after working more to get the office set up in the morning, Hazel and I picked Oliver up from preschool and Beatrice up from my sisters house, and the four of us headed home to a house that was still full of workers and far from finished. All of the downstairs rooms with wood floors were filled with all the furniture from the upstairs rooms being carpeted and we had no where to go but the dining room table. I was also keeping my friend's three kids for a bit so we made the most of it and spilled into the backyard for some nice, warmish weather playtime.


Today we really should be moving our furniture back into their respective places, but we're tired and we are just enjoying the wide open spaces for running and rolling right now on the new, great-smelling carpet. I made tracks in the play room with the vacuum for Oliver to run races and drive his cars and none of us wants to rush to fill the rooms back in again. Garage sale, anyone?

Okay, not really. We've got to do it. We're looking forward to getting to see our MckFriends again tomorrow afternoon and that's good motivation for us to press on and get all of our work done.


Happy weekend, friends! What are y'all up to?


Rebecca said...

What beautiful children! I love spring!

Sarah-Anne said...

jam packed weekends for us too! {yep, weekends. we've had something going on every.single.weekend for a month now. and i love it.} glad to hear you've got some fun in there as well as plenty of work!!

Melissa Vines said...

Wow you guys are busy and congrats to Ryan on the new office! He better not get too big for my little projects! ;)

Anonymous said...

I hope you will show us some after pics of your new carpet and Ryan's office.

We got new appliances this weekend while my inlaws were in town so we crammed it in too.

p.s. I don't usually comment, but I love your blog and they way you the Lord and your family!

amanda said...

May I ask where that nubby rug came from? I've been searching for the right rug with good texture for quite some time for a space in our house.. I actually thought I had one chosen online, drove to the twin cities (3 hrs. south) to buy it.. only to find I didn't think the quality was up to par once I saw it. Didn't think it would hold up well. I love the look of the one in the office photo! (which is beautiful, too, the office space.) Looks less shag, but still with texture I'm looking for.

Raechel said...

Amanda - we purchased the rug at West Elm. (you can find it online here: http://www.westelm.com/products/pebble-rug-r718/?pkey=crugs-flooring)

We actually got lucky when we went to buy it because they had a floor sample available for 40% off! Yes, please!

amanda said...

Thanks! I love it. We have a West Elm here in Minnesota!
Hope you're having a great week after your eventful weekend. :)
Thanks again.