06 April 2011


And, since you'll ask:
I made Hazel's shirt using this tutorial from Prudent Baby.
The stroller and doll are from The Land of Nod and we adore them!


Anonymous said...

Absolutely beautiful!

wendy said...

Hey Raechel, What color are those walls? Looks kinda like mine--just curious?

Hazel is entirely too precious! Should be illegal ;-)

Erin said...

Too cute! She looks so much like Oliver at times :) What beautiful kids!

Raechel said...

Wendy - trying to remember off hand. The walls are, I believe, Salt Glaze - one of Martha's colors at the Home Depot.

wendy said...

Very pretty! I also love how you coordinate Hazel's clothes to your wall colors ;-) Love that top!

Ashley said...

Beautiful girl! Love her top! I would wear it... haha!

Jaime said...


Sum Kuller said...

She is so adorable..! so cute...!
and i love all the pictures.. and thanks for linkin' the tutorial..! :) <3

Seagers said...

And I want to know where you got that chair/buggy that has the red gingham fabric?

Kwilt Noob said...

I had a great aunt named Hazel. We called her Aunt Zel. Looking at these pictures makes me wish for just one more baby, so I could name her Hazel too! HA! Be careful what you wish for! My "baby" is 17 years old! Maybe I'll suggest the name to my 20 year old daughter when the time is right!

Raechel said...

Seagers - (I feel like I should know your first name by now!) Hazel's stroller was our gift to her for her first birthday. We wanted her to have a good, pretty wooden stroller that she could use until she's ten. :) I found it at The Land of Nod: http://www.landofnod.com/imaginary-play/toys-gifts/merrily-we-stroll-along/f6432

I love it and even more, I love that I can change the look of it with just a tiny piece of fabric :)

Sarah-Anne said...

love her. gorgeous baby with squishy cheeks and all that drool... :)