19 April 2011

Remember Margot?

Would you believe that that squishy, teeny baby girl is now six months old!?


She and her family came to dinner tonight and I couldn't help but run inside and grab my camera while she snuggled her Mama and rolled around on the sofa outside.


Can you blame me?


I think she and Hazel - complete with their old-lady names! - will be great friends.


linda said...

Hi! I'm a long time reader, 1st time commenter! Love your blog and your creativity!! And your kids are adorable....I really want to ask about your outside sofa...LOVE it and want it! Where did you get it and what do you do about the cushions? Does rain ruin them or do you take them in at night? Thanks!!!

Rebecca said...

I love Margot! She is so sweet! What a pretty girl.

The Morrisons said...

Adorable, Raechel! We had so much fun last night-thanks again.

Raechel said...

Linda - Thanks for your kinds words! We purchased our outdoor sofa last year from an overseas supplier to american jumbo stores like Costco. (http://www.modishhome.com/) I wanted white cushions because the sun fades colors so much (no matter how much they claim to be sun-resistant) and I can remove these covers and bleach them, then put them back on the cushions straight out of the washer for the sun to dry.

I do bring them in when it's fixing to rain hard, but so far they've been super durable and we love the sofa. Here's a wider photo of at least a little more of it: http://raechelmyers.blogspot.com/2010/07/alls-quiet.html

{also, for the record: ordering directly from China was really more trouble than it was worth. It took 12 weeks to arrive by boat and all the customs forms and red tape we had to go through was such a hassle. I don't really recommend it.}

Claire said...

Random place to add this comment but I just saw that there is a Groupon for MetalPixs and I thought I remembered you mentioning that you like them. It's under New York City but open nationwide.

Claire said...

The link:

Christine said...

I'll see your Margot and Hazel and raise you a Cecilia, Charlotte, and a Juniper.

The moral of the story is, old lady names rock.


nic said...

what a darling little lady, and with a perfect name to match. i adore the jumper too! so much sweetness.

EveryChapter said...

Adorable! And she looks so much more grown up than my six month old...must be the hair- we grow bald bald babies like your two cuties pies. Sweet photos.

Sarah-Anne said...