04 April 2011

At about 4 o'clock yesterday afternoon an enormous RV rolled it's way into our quiet neighborhood, complete with an ice-house-turned-dog-house hitched behind it.

Ryan and I were rocking in chairs on the front porch, Hazel was napping upstairs and Oliver was playing Balaam's Donkey in the front yard with a stick ("Balaam, why are you beating me?" Goofy kid.)

When the enormous beast of a vehicle came to a stop it slowly began to release it's inhabitants, one by one. First Papa bear and baby bear. Then a few brother bears, a sister bear, and finally, a Mama Bear with puppy in tow. All looking incredibly sunned and tired and (and I don't think she'll mind me saying this!) all in need of baths! :)

We had the very fun pleasure this weekend of hosting my friend Jennifer (MckMama as she's known in the blogging world) and her family as they are touring around the Midwest and South for the months of March and April in a very fun, very large RV. We offered them hot baths, laundry, supper and lots of room to play and run with Oliver in the backyard. What a lovely time!

And, since I have dinner to make and faces to wipe, I'll wrap this up with a few photos from our afternoon together:







Have a lovely Monday, friends! And if you're in Middle Tennessee, stay dry and away from the windows - the wind, she's a blowin'! :)

{Also, in case you may ask, I didn't make Hazel's dress. I got it here.}


Jennifer said...

We had a lovely time...the Caesar Salad Sandwiches were amazing...I am still SO inspired by your photos and how you display them in your home....thankful for the tub and washer and dryer...and most of all, it was just lovely to spend time with YOU guys! Thank you, friend!!!!

Kate said...

If I swing by your place will you feed me too?? ;-)

What a sweet heart you have! Glad you enjoyed your visit.

Michelle said...

Cute pictures, looks like fun! Some painful looking sunburns on some of those little ones though OUCH!

Jessica King said...

Looks like a lovely evening! Feel sorry for those sunburned little ones though! Ouch! So sweet of you to offer them baths and clean laundry!

keight dukes said...

am i right in thinking yall had kids 0,1,2,3,4,5,and 6 in your house at the same time? not many people can say that! jeal about the sandwiched and hangout time (with both of you!)

Raechel said...

Keight - you're right, we did!

The sandwich was delish, but we all felt your absence as we partook. :)

Erin said...

Looks like so much fun! Wish I could have been there- in the presence of such wonderful, inspiring women!

Sandy said...

How fun! Looks like you had a great afternoon. I love having time with friends who enjoy grown-up as well as kid time. Awesome.

madeleine said...

Love both your blogs, and the photo of all the crew together xx

Anonymous said...

Cute pictures...her poor kids look sunburned though! Why was M crying?

Anonymous said...

ok can I just say 2 things. I love how Oliver has his shoes on the wrong feet he is such a cutie! 2nd - your poor little neighbor girl really wanted to come play! She looks sad!
Love the pics tho great!!!!