10 April 2011

The bidding has ended for the Rosie Doll and I am just floored! Wow, y'all! You're bids were so generous and - can you believe it? - the final winning bid was $150!!!

Congratulations (and an enormous thank you!)
to Jennilyn for your winning bid!

Praise the Lord!

Not only that, but some of you have expressed interest in donating to the Gould and Elliot families apart from the auction. Not everyone can bid $150, but some of y'all still want to contribute. Both families have PayPal or ChipIn buttons on the sidebars of their blogs and y'all are so, so welcome to give to these families to support their efforts. On behalf of them, thank you so much!

What a wonderful Sabbath!
Orphans finding families,
families finding babies,
and the Gospel being fleshed out among us!

Thanks be to God!


nic said...

smiling HUGE for these families over here. you have such awesome friends.

Sarah-Anne said...

congrats, raechel!