19 April 2011

I mentioned yesterday that I photographed some friends this weekend as a Christmas gift for their Mom. (Yes, it's April, but it was the only time we could get the stars to align.)

As I was photographing Lizzie (known to our family as co-nanny-extraordinaire) for her individual shots she was doing a great job but I noticed that she was tilting her entire face up toward the camera.


Now as you can see, Lizzie could look amazing in a paper bag, so this wasn't really a huge problem, but I suggested that she drop her chin just a little and just like that her photos went from good to amazing with just the tilt of a chin.


Beautiful girl.

So, that's my handy and humble little photo tip of the week. Drop your chin (not too low!), lock eyes with the camera, and make your Mama happy!


keight dukes said...

so pretty! of course your amazing babysitter would also be totally cute. i hope judah gets to have a crush on her!

Laura Darling said...

Wow what a difference! This is so funny because whenever my mom takes my picture she says "CHIN UP!" I guess I put it TOO low!!

Emily said...

When my husband and I were married... I bet our photographers had to tell him a thousand times to put his chin down!! It really does make quite a difference. And she is gorgeous either way!

Christine said...

Lizzie is gorgeous. Please pass that on to her. And tell her I'm not creepy, okay?

flablati! Also worth passing on.

nic said...

wonderful tip! it's amazing how much that little dip softens the jaw line, isn't it? you're awesome, raechel.

Regina said...

Great tip and great photos! I have a relative who tilts her head up (to the extreme). I'm pretty sure she's trying to avoid having double chins. She's a size 0.

Sarah-Anne said...

beautiful! and so true; i had a shoot with my photog friend and she was all "put your chin up...no, no not that high!!" i don't take instructions well. ;)