13 April 2011

Exercising my Flickr account and playing in the sun with my babies.


{and yes, there is plenty of sunscreen in our employ!}


Magda said...

My girls are fair like your kids, what sunscreen do you recommend??

Raechel said...

The American Cancer Society (cancer.org) is a better resource than me for this, so I'll quote them. Here are their recommendations:

Play in the Shade
The sun’s rays are generally strongest from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Whenever possible, plan outdoor activities so you’re not in the sun during the middle of the day. When your children are outdoors, be sure their skin is protected. Ultraviolet (UV) rays reflect off water, sand, snow, and any light- colored surface, such as concrete. UV rays also reach below the water’s surface.
Cover Up With Hats and Shirts
Have fun choosing hats and shirts with your children. Hats should shade faces, necks, and ears. When it comes to clothes, choose shirts and slacks made of tightly woven fabrics that you can’t see through when held up to the light. Dark colors provide more protection than light ones, since they prevent more UV rays from reaching the skin.
Use Sunscreen Every Day
Apply sunscreen every day on skin that is not protected by clothing or a hat. Choose a sunscreen with an SPF of 15 or higher. For total block and a really cool look, try zinc oxide. It can be applied to sensitive areas like the nose, ears, cheeks, and shoulders. Parents should note that sunscreen is not recommended for children less than 6 months old – keep them covered and in the shade.

Hope that helps!

Gracie said...

Your pics are adorable. The weather looks perfect. It is perfect here. I must confess, I giggled to see you address sunscreen before someone else addressed sunscreen. There is no doubt somebody would have. =)